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technician using equipment to fix rock chip in car windshield

How can I tell if a rock chip can be repaired, or if I need a new windshield?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to repair every windshield chip. The size, depth, and location of the chip are the primary factors in determining if it’s repairable. If the glass is broken to the point where there are large cracks, a hole all the way through the glass, or in a location that compromises electronics, then repairing the glass may not be possible and a full replacement may be required.

How big of a windshield chip can be repaired?

This will depend on a number of factors, including the depth, location, type, and size of the chip. Generally speaking, most chips smaller than 1.5 inches are going to be good candidates for repair.  That’s about the size of a silver dollar coin. The best way to tell for sure is to talk to one of our repair technicians.

How big of a windshield crack can be repaired?

Again, this depends on location, depth, type, and size. However, in general, cracks under 6 inches in length, about the length of a dollar bill, are possible to repair. The best way to be sure is to call and get a free evaluation and estimate.

How much do auto glass repairs cost?

The repair cost depends on several factors, such as insurance coverage, the extent of the damage, whether your glass can be repaired or needs to be replaced, and lastly, the make and model of your vehicle. Because of this prices can vary dramatically, even with similar repairs. Windshield chips and cracks can be as little as free, to as much as $100-$200 to repair, while a full windshield replacement can be around $300-$500 and up. Again, this depends on multiple factors, and your repair cost may be less or more expensive, so it’s best to give us a call to provide a more accurate quote tailored to your specific circumstances.

Will my car insurance cover the cost of my auto glass repairs?

Well, the answer is, maybe. It depends on your coverage. If you have comprehensive coverage, there’s a good chance a portion, or maybe all, of your repairs will be covered, depending on your specific policy, coverage, deductible, and how the damage occurred. If you have liability-only insurance, generally windshield and window repairs are not covered.  If you’re unsure, check with your insurance company, or give us a call and we can help you get it figured out.

How long do auto glass repairs or replacements take?

Usually, we can repair windshield chips and cracks in 30 minutes or less. For a full windshield replacement, we can usually complete the repair in less than 60 minutes. We can complete either service while you work with our free mobile service. However, you should plan on not driving the vehicle for at least an hour after we’ve finished the repairs.

Do you attach my rear-view mirror to my new windshield?

Yes, we will save your rear-view mirror from your old windshield (as long as it’s not damaged) and re-attach it to your new windshield. Don’t worry, it will look and feel just like it did before.

Do you need my keys for the mobile auto glass repair service?

Yes, we’ll need your keys to access your vehicle to ensure a perfect fit, and to make sure that all the parts and features are functioning correctly.

Can you still repair or replace my windshield if it's raining?

To be honest, rain can really make things difficult. If it’s raining, it would be best to have your car in some sort of sheltered space, either covered parking, or a garage.

Do you charge for estimates?

Nope. We’re happy to give you a free estimate for your auto glass repairs. Just call us at (650) 629-3306 or fill out the contact form on this page.  We can give you an accurate estimate right away!

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